Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A-Z About Me, for Fun

I sometime see chain letters going around social media that look fun. Instead of getting sucked into the abyss of social media, I rather partake on this blog.

This one that recently caught my eye, maybe because it's based on the alphabet and I'm a Word Girl.

Don't worry, I'm not going to call anyone out to keep this chain going.

About me from A-Z...

- Age: 36
- Biggest fear: stagnancy
- Current time: 6:11am CST
- Drink you last had: water
- Every day starts with: wishing I didn't have to be up so early
- Favorite song: Vivir Mi Vida by Marc Anthony always lifts my spirits
- Ghosts, are they real?: I hope not. They deserve to rest in peace.
- Hometown: Nowhere feels like home
- In love with: Creativity
- Jealous of: anyone on vacation on a beach somewhere drinking something cold with an umbrella in it.
- Killed someone?: Not in real life; in my mind, all the time, every day.
- Last time you cried? last week
- Middle name: Aida
- Number of siblings: 2 bio, many of the heart
- One wish: to be published and tell stories that matter
- Person you last called: my mom
- Question you're always asked: What's up with your book?
- Reason to smile: family, friends, love, writing,  reading a good book, sleeping in, wine, knitting, being healthy and safe, warmth, spring
- Song last sang: Hella Cravings - Hello parody
- Time you woke up: Which time? I wake throughout the night
U - Underwear color: N/A
- Vacation destination: Ireland? Costa Rica? Puerto Rico? Still deciding. In the meantime, San Diego in April
W - Worst habit: Sarcasm and impatience
X - X-Rays you've had: teeth - all good :-)
Y- Your favorite food: I love it all, but Pad Thai, panang curry, egg rolls, tres leches cake, and brownies elicit extra happiness
- Zodiac sign: Scorpio - no surprise there - it fits me to a T

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